Batch picking

The logistic service provider Distrifresh keeps order picking efficient

With regard to the logistics of the warehouse, two ways of batch picking are possible:

  • item batch picking
  • order batch picking

Distrifresh originated as a logistical service provider. The distribution of refrigerated and frozen products is its core business. In the course of time, Distrifresh has also started providing a large number of value added logistics, including warehousingrepackaginglabelling and also order picking. Distrifresh has always endeavoured to organise its warehousing as compactly and as efficiently as possible. Distrifresh remains at heart a distribution company for chilled products.

Batch picking and ‘pack your pack’ offer a solution for the provision of relatively small scale VAL. In the case of batch picking, several orders are combined to create a joint pick order. Picking is done at the level of batches. A step further, with ‘pack your pack’, picking is done at shop level. This means that with just one extra process step, deliveries can be made ready more efficiently. We can do that because the warehouse remains relatively small and so the distances are short. With the application of modern data communication equipment and other means of support, batch picking and ‘pack your pack’ are handy methods for order picking at Distrifresh.

Batch picking at Distrifresh can be by order or by item

Batch picking means nothing more than combining various orders into one or more pick orders. Combining orders can take place in two different ways. One way is to ask each order picker to assemble the order or delivery by order. The other way is to split up all the different chilled products on the order form and then to pick the combined orders by item. Whether Distrifresh chooses picking by order or picking by item depends on the number of orders. The important thing is that the right amount for the deliveries are picked on time so that they are ready to be transported. We can then maintain a FIFO system (First In, First Out). We can make sure that the time spent is kept as short as possible. We always pick the products with the correct Best Before date.

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