Transport for fresh food suppliers

Quality transport for chilled product suppliers

Suppliers of, and clients for, chilled and frozen products make full use of Distrifresh’s logistical services, to their great satisfaction. Our clients know how we work and that they can always count on prompt and correct deliveries. We plan dates and times precisely. We use the most practical logistical methods like cross docking to do this. This offers retailers a one-stop delivery within a closed refrigerated chain. Our planning department is always up to date with the client’s needs and wishes. All concrete agreements are processed in our planning system so that we can always make alterations and deliver on time.

Sophisticated transport planning for a close-knit distribution network

As well as its sophisticated planning system, Distrifresh makes use of its close-knit distribution network. Our concept for chilled food suppliers is aimed in particular at supermarkets and wholesalers. There are a number of aspects in the concept which are important for us: the maintenance of fixed time windows. Thanks to the satellite connection we are continually in connection with our drivers and we know in real time where the chilled products are while they are on their way to their destination.

We have also established shuttle services between Distrifresh’s distribution centre and retailers’ distribution centres. We perform extra services for various suppliers in our own Distrifresh distribution centre. These include repackaging wholesale packs into smaller amounts and/or in other transit packaging. We provide consumer packaging with front and back labelling with the compulsory product information and the correct price (on the day). If you want to put a special offer on your products, then our labelling process can do that for you. Special offer or promotional packaging for chilled products can easily be provided with a special offer sticker or other labelling, depending on what has been agreed with you as a supplier of chilled products or the retailer. We also recommend that you talk to us about the Distrifresh transport concept for chilled product suppliers and our other additional services (Value Added Logistics).

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