Pick to zero (PTZ)

Distrifresh works with pick-to-zero and cross docking logistical processes

Distrifresh works with a modern fleet for chilled transport. Chilled products are quickly transported with the lorries nationally and internationally. In order to ensure that distribution takes place as fast and efficiently as possible, Distrifresh works with various means of delivery, precisely how is agreed with the customer beforehand. As a client, you then place your order via the EDI system, opting for pick-to-zero or cross docking, depending on the logistical processes which match your business operation. In the case of pick-to-zero, you place your order via EDI. The order is then made ready in our distribution centre on mixed pallets or in roll cages. Your order is then included in the transport schedule and delivered to your location in the right amounts and on time.

Distrifresh’s modern supply chain solutions

Pick-to zero is one of the supply chain solutions which Distrifresh employs. As a modern transport company and logistical service provider, Distrifresh endeavours to apply the most modern solutions in its organisation. Stock control, quality audits, modern data communications, it all contributes to the state-of-the-art service which Distrifresh provides to its clients. Every client has one permanent point of contact within our organisation. Our professional and exceptionally motivated customer service staff know your company and can act accurately and fast in case of questions or changes. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment to discuss your needs. We will be happy to inform you about the latest developments.

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