Cold storage

Distrifresh is organised around cold storage with value added logistics

Cold storage goes with refrigerated transport. At Distrifresh, we currently specialise in chilled transport. It is our aim to deliver fresh products to clients as quickly as possible and on schedule, so we prefer to use cold storage as little as possible. Nevertheless, we can’t avoid having to use cold storage for which we have organised a part of our distribution centre. The refrigerated areas are specially reserved for those products with which we still have to do something, like repackaging and labelling. These value added logistics must take place under refrigerated conditions. The temperature of chilled products has to be continually maintained even during handling because of compulsory food safety requirements.

Computerised VAL processes ensure full cold storage

The value added logistics in Distrifresh’s range take place in the distribution centres’ cold storage. The temperature is carefully checked 24 hours per day. The large wholesale packages are repackaged in consumer packets and given a label with the correct, right up-to-date details. Whether it’s a front or back label: the weights and prices have to be correct. Distrifresh has this process completely under control thanks to an EDI-controlled computer system. Price agreements with the client are immediately translated into concrete price information on the product. The correct ingredient information is also added to the packaging in the same way. Our labelling lines are in the fresh produce storage area of our distribution centre. The consumer packets again quickly arrive in the docking area by means of efficient order picking. They are then loaded in the correct lorry as quickly as possible to be transported to the right end customer. Distrifresh is a specialist in cold storage, and not just during the transport.

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