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When we’re talking about labelling at Distrifresh then we mean front and back labelling. We offer the labelling of chilled products as an extra service. Distrifresh started life as a distribution company but we started being asked for value added logistics… and we provided them. We have now set up a number of processes in our distribution centre specifically for related logistical services like repackagingorder picking, labelling (front and back) and the registration of transit packaging. Our professionals on the work floor are able to provide the extra service including the fine details. They do this by making use of modern data communication and a high work ethic. It is only in this way that Distrifresh is able to add value to your chilled products. We generally provide value added logistics on the instructions of retailers. Supermarkets receive the chilled products ‘ready-to-go’ in weighed and packaged consumer packs. Every package is automatically weighed and provided with labels with the right product information. The front labels are provided with product name, weight and price. If the product is on offer that day or week, then we can provide an extra special offer sticker. Once the goods have been received, the retailer doesn’t have to do anything. As far as Distrifresh is concerned, the products can go straight onto the shelves.

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Distrifresh loves open communication and will be happy to show you how it works in its warehouse environment. if you would like to know more about the additional services offered by Distrifresh, then we would like you to get in touch with us. We can then show you what the difference is in practice between front and back labelling and how you can best make use of them as client.

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