The power of planning

Distrifresh ensures the perfect planning

Distrifresh is a logistical company with a constant flow of all sorts of products, in particular, meat, chicken, fish, meat substitutes and chilled ready meals. Distrifresh’s daily activities are very diverse. On a normal day, Distrifresh will be occupied with transporting chilled products, processing these products, sorting these products, providing these products with labels and a lot more.

This all happens within the lead times agreed with the client. Lead times are also extremely important for Distrifresh’s planning but they’re not the only thing which Distrifresh pays attention to, many clients also have certain expectations or requirements about the transportation of products. All products come in crates, cages, pallets of other transit packaging. All this transit packaging has to be returned in the end to the right client. Before the transit packaging is returned to the right address, it will, if the clients desires it, be cleaned bacteriologically by us. Clients also ask us if we can label products for them or package them in a certain way. These things are all discussed beforehand to make sure that no mistakes can be made.

Collaborative Distrifresh staff

All the teams at Distrifresh work together dynamically. The staff at Distrifresh have diverse roles, including warehouse and process staff and logistical specialists. Efficient co-operation is a must to ensure that tight schedules and short lead times are met. Fortunately, we have built up a great deal of experience in the course of time.

If you are interested in Distrifresh’s service provision or if you would like to experience the atmosphere in our company, you are very welcome. Just get in touch with us to make an appointment.

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