Distrifresh quality

Distrifresh quality

Quality and hygiene are exceptionally important for Distrifresh, not just in our own interest but also in the interest of the client. This is because strenuous quality requirements are demanded by consumer and government. Distrifresh sets the bar high and applies these requirements one to one so that the quality and the shelf-life of the products don’t decrease because of distribution or processing. In order to guarantee this, Distrifresh works to a number of relevant certificates and systems: ISO 9001, HACCP, SKAL and BRC (GS1). This not enough for Distrifresh to be able to guarantee that its products are perfect, however. For that reason, Distrifresh maintains a closed cold chain. This means that your product is kept in the right refrigerated environment from arrival to delivery.

Lorry fleet

Distrifresh works with a continual state-of-the-art lorry fleet with continual refrigeration, which means that the lorries are always a the right temperature while on the road, loading or unloading. The lorries are always driven by qualified drivers which is a good combination. The drivers with whom we work are aware of the quality requirements and the vulnerability of the products, so that they know how to deal with them.

Logistical qualities

Apart from the lorry fleet and the quality requirements in the distribution centres, Distrifresh ensures that its logistical services are carried out at the highest level. Distrifresh does everything it can to achieve all its lead times and it can only do that if everything is precisely planned. Distrifresh sets the bar high when it comes to delivery reliability.

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