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Distrifresh is a logistical service provider which specialises in, and is committed to, the distribution of chilled products. The Fast Moving Consumer Goods which we transport are meat, chicken and potatoes, vegetables and fruit as well as all sorts of dairy product and processed foodstuffs, including ready-made meals. Actually, we transport everything from chilled product suppliers which – what else? -have to be kept cold. We take care of the transport of these products mostly to supermarket chains and retailers. This can be at shop of distribution centre level. We continually monitor the temperature during transportation but also during short periods of storage (for processing like repackaging and labelling) so that all the quality requirements are satisfied. These are things like quality assurance and hygiene standards like ISO 9001, HACCP, SKAL, BRC (GS1) and EC approval.

In Distrifresh’s distribution centre

Distrifresh also provides other services besides the transport of chilled products, like labelling packaging and the storage of products. We make sure that the packaging has the right weight and the accompanying sales price, and if the product is on offer, we can put a sticker on the packaging. Prices and special offers are agreed daily with the retailer.

Distrifresh works from its headquarters in Boxtel.

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As well as our core business of the transport of chilled products, our range also includes various additional services, namely the packaging and repackaging of products, labelling (front and back) consumer packets, temporary cold storage of products and the distribution of these products. As well as chilled transport we also organise frozen transport for products which are frozen at very low temperatures and which have to stay that way. We take care of your transit packaging. We provide bacteriological cleaning if desired and the return of your transit packaging to the right place, for instance, the distribution centre of your supermarket.

It is our goal to ensure that every client is satisfied by offering a service package that suits them. We would be happy to talk to you about the services you need in the area of chilled transport.

if you would like to talk to Distrifresh, see our contact page or send an e-mail to info@distrifresh.com. We look forward to meeting you.

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