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Distrifresh organises efficient refrigerated transport for retailers

When it comes to the distribution of chilled products for, and to, retailers, Distrifresh plays an important role in Dutch transport and logistics. Distrifresh works closely with Dutch retailers’ distribution centres. Thanks to hard agreements with clients and the daily application of extremely precise planning, Distrifresh maintains a very high standard in refrigerated transport in the Netherlands, to the complete satisfaction of retailers in the country. The distribution of Fast Moving Consumer Goods for retailers is a specialist field. Distrifresh is a master in the area because of its years of experience, excellent contact with retailers and its well-maintained planning and customer service department. Distrifresh’s hands-on mentality proves the added value of fast and short lines of communication daily. We hate waffle at Distrifresh but we love satisfied customers. Feel free to read the references that retailers and producers of chilled products have given us to get a good picture of our service provision.

Important player in the field of refrigerated and frozen transport for retailers

Well run distribution processes are of vital importance for the retail industry. Retailers can only keep offering their customers top service if orders are delivered at the agreed time and  the right amounts. At Distrifresh, we don’t want it on our conscience that our client, the retailer or supermarket, has had to say no to its client, the consumer. For this reason, our logistical planners are always watching lead times and the correct performance of our business processes, with satisfied clients as the end result. And that’s what we’re after. If you have any questions or remarks about our successful business processes, you can get in touch with us 24/7 via our customer service department. You can also get in touch with this department for quick questions like the status of your order. Thanks to our modern data communication systems, your delivery can be quickly traced.

The combination of sophisticated transport and logistical processes performed by our specialists, has meant years of fine collaboration with our clients. Add our modern communication facilities to this teamwork and you get Distrifresh. We’re here for our retailers, night and day.

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