Refrigerated Transport

Distrifresh organises refrigerated and frozen transport at the highest level.

Distrifresh is a logistical company specifically for the transport of refrigerated, fast-moving consumer goods. The goods are either temporarily stored in our own completely refrigerated distribution centre – at the prescribed temperature – for further processing or immediately distributed by means of cross-docking. The latter is a method where the goods which are received in a distribution centre are allocated to the delivery address and prepared for shipment. The method saves time and money: lower stock costs and greater efficiency

Distrifresh combines the distribution activities in its own warehouse with perfectly organised related activities like repackaging prepacked productslabelling and care (registration and cleaning) of transit packaging.

Infallibly planned and executed refrigerated transport, daily

The distribution of refrigerated products demands sophisticated planning every day. Distrifresh planners specialise in the precise and most efficient possible planning of the lorries and the chilled products. The fresh food suppliers which employ Distrifresh to distribute their products to retail locations like supermarkets can always rely on sophisticated planning and prompt delivery plus the exceptionally important – but for Distrifresh self-evident – quality assurance, after all, food safety goes above all else.

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