Efficient labelling thanks to modern production lines

Labelling consumer packaging at Distrifresh is done in a modern way; There are a number completely computerised production lines in the warehouse. The lines have been specially designed to label consumer packets of chilled products. The packets are automatically weighed and provided with labels with the right product information. The product line is connected to Distrifresh’s computerised system. Agreements about prices per weight, today’s special offer and use-by dates are up-to-date and available via the Distrifresh data bank. The data for the labels is available in real time via the fast data connection. The quality of the labels is guaranteed by means of periodic audits.

Labels with the right details of foodstuffs

Distrifresh is alert 24/7 to ensure that chilled products are provided with the right information. Its production line and processes are organised entirely for this purpose. It is also possible to provide the packaging with diverse sorts of labelling. We make a distinction between front, back and special labels like special offer stickers of special price labels. The type of labelling is self-evident: front labelling goes on the front of the packaging and back labelling goes on the back of the packaging. Labelling takes place entirely in accordance with the needs and wishes of the client. If the retailer has specific chilled products on offer then we make sure that the packaging is provided with the right special offer sticker and the correct discounted price.

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