Why Distrifresh

Why Distrifresh?

Distrifresh is the biggest chilled product distribution centre in the Netherlands. Where able to deliver all your chilled products throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg from our modern distribution centre in Boxtel. We are always striving for short lead times and we apply the just-in-time (JIT) principle. We achieve this with chain management. Our service also includes ‘disciplined flexibility’, where we do everything we can to satisfy every client, day in, day out. But that’s not all. We observe the same hygiene requirements and standards as our clients do, like HACCP (NL) and NEN-ISO and SKAL (NL). The government obliges us to do this as well.

In our distribution centre we make sure that the right temperature is maintained every 24/7, and this also applies to our lorries. All Distrifresh lorries are equipped with continual refrigeration. We also aware of our corporate social responsibilities and we endeavour to perform our tasks as environmentally friendly as possible, another reason why we schedule our lorries as efficiently as possible, keeping the emission of carbon monoxide as low as possible. This is not at the cost of lead times or the quality of the deliveries, of course.

Distrifresh services

Apart from our delivery services, there are extensive opportunities for you, as client, to outsource other services to us. These may be temporary storagerepackagingfront and back labellingorder pickingpick-to-zero and the data communication which goes with that. We also carry out our services to the client’s wishes. We would be happy to talk to you about the possibilities, Distrifresh might be able to help you in this area as well.

Distrifresh as ideal collaborative partner for chilled transport

Distrifresh has already proven itself as the ideal partner for the distribution of chilled products. If you are a retailer or supplier of chilled products and you are interested in working with us, then make an appointment to let us know what your needs are. Get in touch today!

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