Transit packaging registration

Transit packaging registration at Distrifresh

As a specialist in the distribution of chilled and frozen products, Distrifresh deals with transit packaging every day. Our standardised systems allow us to take care of all transit packaging at delivery address level. This means that your company doesn’t have to think about transit packaging and its registration any more. We register all transit packaging movement to and from Distrifresh. You, as a client, don’t have to worry about it. It’s a part of our service package, allowing you to focus on your own organisation and business processes.

We monitor the transit packaging from the moment that it arrives to the moment that we deliver it to your company. Our special registration systems ensure that the transit packaging stocks and their turnover are registered correctly in the system. We are in contact with our clients weekly about the transit packaging balances and the expectations are, creating a positive collaborative situation for the client and ourselves.

Own transit packaging system

Distrifresh has its own transit packaging system which offers all kinds of advantages. It allows us to have our own Distrifresh roll cages, the advantage of which is that we control the stocks/repairs and cleaning ourselves. You can also place your own transit packaging care with us. This saves you a lot of time which you can then invest in your business.

Cleaning transit packaging

We possess transit packaging cleaning systems so that, if it is agreed with the client, we can wash all the transit packaging elements. This means that the transit packaging is cleaned in accordance with the standards so that all crates and roll cages can be used in all the current business processes straight away.

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