About us

About us

Distrifresh is a company that specialises in the storage and distribution of chilled food products. Actually, we transport everything that has to be kept chilled or frozen. We transport meat, chicken, fish, apples, vegetables, fruit and dairy products We distribute these products to industrial processors, shops and distribution centres. During the transport of these products, we ensure that all products are maintained at the correct temperature and that all the quality and hygiene requirements are met.

Distrifresh distribution centre in Boxtel

Refrigerated transport is not the only thing that Distrifresh does. Distrifresh also has a modern distribution centre in Boxtel in which we carry out Value Added Logistics. Distrifresh performs additional services at this location like the repackaging and labelling of packaging and the temporary storage of products.

Distrifresh always works in accordance with quality and hygiene standards

Our range of services consist of all sorts of activities like repackaging products into portions, labelling, storage of products and their distribution. Before products are sent to their final destination, they are first handled or moved by means of, for example, order pickingcross docking and pick-to-zero. We also ensure that all transit packaging is treated properly. We make sure that it is returned to the right place and – if the client desires – that it has been bacteriologically cleaned.

We endeavour every day to make sure that every client is satisfied. Everyone at Distrifresh is committed to making sure that the agreements we make with our client are kept. Prompt and correct deliveries are in the top three of our list of priorities. We are also continually taking account of food safety, hygiene and Use-By dates. We always observe the legislation and regulations in this area. You, as a client, can rest assured of what we do, always in accordance with the established quality procedures.


Distrifresh is a member of Nekovri, the most important organization in the Netherlands in the field of logistics of temperature sensitive products. Click here for the conditions.

If you are curious about who the people at Distrifresh are and what Distrifresh does, and if you are interested in what Distrifresh could mean for your company, go to our contact page of send an e-mail to info@distrifresh.com.

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