Data communication at Distrifresh

Data communication: Distrifresh’s backbone

Modern data communication is essential for the streamlined order process in Distrifresh’s distribution network. Distrifresh makes use of all sorts and sizes of data communication channels. Which channel is used depends on the client’s system, and this can vary from fax to GS1, from DESADV and EDI to normal telephone and e-mail. Distrifresh’s planning department know how to use the various systems perfectly and make good use of them. Our data communication forms a perfect basis for the good collaboration which we enjoy with our clients; from bulk supplier to the retailer or shop-keeper round the corner, but internally, because, thanks to the computerised processes, the various departments know precisely what’s expected of them every day. Whether its labellingrepackaging or order picking, the short lines, flexible staff and up-to-date data communication allow Distrifresh to function superbly.

Distrifresh’s computerised order process

How does the order process work at Distrifresh? Computerisation means that our customer service department automatically receives a client order in the system. The client automatically receives a confirmation of every order and whether it can be carried out as agreed.

If you would like to know more about Distrifresh’s data communication, we love short lines of communication so get in touch with us. We look forward to talking to you.

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