Value-Added Logistics

Chilled transport with the focus on value-added logistics

Distrifresh is a logistical company which focuses on the chilled transport branch. It offers logistical services in the broadest sense of the word. At Distrifresh, it’s not just about lorries being on time, but very much about related services like repackaging and labelling chilled products. Distrifresh is in this sense a unique player in the chilled transport branch. We work within a close-knit, integrated distribution network and we also focus on quality supply chain solutions. Our capacity to distinguish ourselves lies in particular in the field of value added logistics. The repackaging and labelling lines are professionally designed with the most modern equipment. That equipment is in direct contact with the retailer, for instance, with the daily agreements, so that the correct details appear on the consumer packaging. it’s all done for the retailer. The value-added logistical processes are monitored periodically by means of quality audits.

Thinking with the client, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week

The offer of Value-Added Logistics (VAL) says a lot about Distrifresh’s service orientated thinking. The distribution company’s service doesn’t just stop with the delivery of the right order at the right time at the right address. Distrifresh focusses on 24/7 high-quality service provision, which, of course, includes VAL. Working with motivated staff and three shift teams means that Distrifresh can fulfil this aim (and promise!) every day.

If you need a logistic service supplier which sets the standard when it comes to thinking with the client about the full range of their needs, get in touch with our customer services department and make an appointment for an introductory meeting.

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