Back labelling

Back labelling has to do with the labelling on the back of the packaging

One of the related services which Distrifresh offers is labelling. Labelling means that the consumer packaging of chilled products is provided with labels. The labels are attached to the consumer packaging by means of a modern labelling line. The agreements with clients about weight, data, number of units and price are updated daily and added to the labelling line data system. The computerised weighing, packaging and labelling are good examples of Distrifresh’s value added service provision. The label with the name, weight and price generally goes on the front of the product. Back labelling has to do with the labelling on the back of the packaging. Back labels are often provided with extensive product information like a list of ingredients and perhaps instructions for preparing the product.

Back labelling as extra service

Distrifresh possesses modern production lines for labelling. The lines are directly connected to an up-to-date data communication system. Our professionals have a perfect knowledge of how to label as efficiently and quietly as possible. They have years of experience in setting the labelling line correctly and our clients see that in the standard of the service provided. Setting front or back labels or a combination of both is an extremely precise task that our staff on the work floor do particularly well. All the more reason to describe Distrifresh’s labelling (back and front) as a value adding service. It adds value to the refrigerated products which we transport for you as a logistical service provider.

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