Refrigerated transport

Refrigerated transport provided by Distrifresh provides energy

Distrifresh’s logistic services for refrigerated transport ensure daily, prompt and reliable deliveries. Distrifresh provides refrigerated transport throughout the whole of the Netherlands. Thanks to the combination of as many fresh products per transport as possible, we can offer retailers the greatest availability of a one-stop delivery service. We guarantee a closed refrigerated chain, including both the chilled lorries and the distribution centre. It can’t be done any other way, because food safety is the most important requirement for our work and the whole point of what we do.

We have built-up years of experience in refrigerated transport and a finely-woven distribution network. Within this network we work with a recognised concept aimed at supermarkets, wholesalers and meat-processing companies. We maintain fixed time windows and employ satellite data communication with tractor unit and trailer for navigation and registration to ensure precise planning and delivery.

Refrigerated transport by means of closely-knit distribution network

As well as the distribution to our clients from our distribution centres, we also provide ‘DC distribution’. DC distribution is where we organise shuttle transport between distribution centres and between distribution centres and retailers by means of our precise planning and the shortest possible distribution time. The trips our seamlessly woven into our exact planning.

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