Working for Distrifresh

Working for Distrifresh

Distrifresh is a large company in the logistical services industry. We have a modern distribution centre in Boxtel. With our motivated employees we make sure that all logistical activities are carried out. Our clients can then rely on the correct delivery at the right place and at the right time, all within the quality standards. This includes loading and unloading, checking the deliveries and making products ready for forwarding and storage.

If you’re interested in working in logistical services, you’ll be in a team of enthusiastic staff at Distrifresh which means that there’s a good atmosphere. That good atmosphere and the employment conditions means that the staff turnover is very low. Another advantage is that we work with knowledgeable and experienced staff so that processes can be carried out even better.

The application procedure at Distrifresh

If you want to join the Distrifresh team and there are specific vacancies on the jobs page, apply via the application form. As soon as we receive your application form with the explanation for why you want to work for us and your CV, we will look to see if you fit in the Distrifresh team and if the position is indeed suitable for you. We may then invite you for an interview. If there’s a match between you and the vacancy, then you might even be able to start next week.

Please note: everything is of course dependent on the vacancy that is advertised and your profile and experience.

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