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Transit packaging and Distrifresh

A logistical chilled food company of Distrifresh’s size works with all sorts of goods flows which criss-cross each other. Our logistical specialists are used to planning precisely. This ensures that the processes always take place within the agreed lead times. It’s not just a question of transporting refrigerated and frozen products but the transport of all crates, cages, casks, etc in which products are transported. These are called transit packaging. As soon as the products have been delivered to the right address, we make sure that the transit packaging is returned to your company empty and clean.   Distrifresh has established a specific process for handling transit packaging, both its own and that of its clients. it is very important to keep monitoring these packaging movements and to react to potential changes. Distrifresh has developed a permanent process so that nothing goes wrong during the transport, use and handling of different packaging. Distrifresh discusses what the transit packaging balances are going to be like every week.

Cleaning transit packaging

Outside of making sure that transit packaging is returned to its rightful owner, Distrifresh can also clean it all for its clients. Given that we have to deal with strict requirements to do with food safety in this industry, Distrifresh organises that cleaning at a bacterial level and to the applicable hygiene standards. The crates are ready for reuse as soon as they are returned to your company. Distrifresh provides the cleaning for lots of different kinds of packaging, like roll cages, casks and crates of various sizes. If you’re interested in Distrifresh’s services, don’t hesitate to telephone or e-mail us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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