The Distrifresh way

Distrifresh’s way of working

Distrifresh works systematically, and it has to, given its size. We make sure that our distribution and processing products are in professional hands. Distrifresh has developed the ideal way of working to ensure that its services can be provided with success and to the satisfaction of the client. For example, Distrifresh collects chilled products from the client itself and as soon as they arrive at our distribution centre, they are either processed, if necessary, or forwarded. Products may be repackaged, for instance, or that they have to be labelled or even relabelled. This can be at shop or brand level. Our distribution centre in Boxtel has as many as six modern production lines where products are weighed and then provided with a label.


Distrifresh has large storage areas where all chilled products are stored very briefly. Various activities are carried out in these storage areas like labellingrepackagingorder pickingcross docking and pick-to-zero. All activities are carried out in an environment at the correct temperature and which satisfies all the quality requirements. Procedures like HACCP (in the Netherlands) and ISO are applied as a matter of course.

Distribution by Distrifresh

Most of the products we transport are distributed to supermarket organisations in the Netherlands. This can be at the level of a branch or distribution centre, seven days a week.

Thanks to Distrifresh’s finely-woven distribution network, all products are delivered within fixed time windows. All the lorries are also provided with a modern board computer so that a real time check of the delivery time can be made. We can then see precisely when the lorry with your order will arrive at your destination.

Transit packaging

With the distribution of any product, there are always transit packaging activities. We think it’s important to keep an eye on this area as well so that we know precisely where the parts of every collection of transit packaging comes from and where they have to go to. All transit packaging is registered by delivery address. We also discuss the transit packaging balances with our clients weekly. The transit packaging can also be cleaned in accordance with HACCP standards so that the cages and crates can immediately be used in the production process again.

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