Frozen Transport

Distrifresh means chilled transport, frozen transport and tempered transport

Distrifresh is a Dutch transport company which only carries chilled products. The transport temperature can vary in temperature from – 22° Celsius (deep freeze) to a max. of + 4 °Celsius. Put concisely, Distrifresh’s service doesn’t just end with chilled transport but reaches much further. Distrifresh surprises the logistics industry in the Netherlands with high-quality frozen transport with related services such as cross docking and the tempered transport of deep freeze products. The latter is when deep freeze products are brought back up to a temperature of, for example, – 5 °Celsius, a moderately frozen status, in a cold storage warehouse. These products are then transported at the ‘tempered’ temperature to the destination, whether that is a distribution centre or a processing company.

Frozen transport for distributing tempered meat

Frozen products are stored in the trailers which are perfectly equipped for that purpose. Distrifresh has the means at its disposal. And thanks to the excellent logistical planning in which Distrifresh specialises, frozen products are delivered quickly and efficiently at the required destinations. In respect of frozen transport as well, food safety and shelf-life are the number one priorities at Distrifresh.

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