Supply chain management

Supply chain solutions with the focus on food safety

The supply chain solutions which Distrifresh concentrates on daily consist of sophisticated warehouse management, precise transport planning, extra service provision in the form of repackaging and labellingwarehousing and the registration and cleansing of all sorts and sizes of transit packaging. The organisation is characterised by its positive attitude towards animal welfare and food safety. Reports and quality audits are always published and transparent communication about these subjects is in Distrifresh’s DNA.

Every Distrifresh client has his own unique requirements and wishes. In this sense, no logistical process is the same in terms of:

  • client requirements (means of delivery, load carrier);
  • specific product characteristics;
  • lead times;
  • data communication.

Distrifresh is a professional, logistic service provider which is always prepared to think with you about the logistical processes which will work best for your company. Questions and remarks from both sides are dealt with in periodic account meetings. At Distrifresh, we like to have our clients with us in our way of providing services and our supply chain solutions.

Food safety in the supply chain is key at Distrifresh

By supply chain management, we mean ‘taking over logistical processes in the chain’. We therefore take over a part of the stream of goods (chilled and frozen products). We always do this in consultation with the client, of course. We come to clear agreements about it. We fulfil the agreements made every day by means of the application of modern software, quality processes and a fast EDI connection. The main point of this is food safety. Our processes our entirely focussed on working with products which have to be kept refrigerated. This way, we can guarantee food safety.

if you would like to know more about food safety within supply chain management, please get in touch with us.

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