Efficient repackaging of bulk into consumer packs

Distrifresh offers the repackaging of chilled products as part of its VAL service provision package. Fresh products arrive in bulk in Distrifresh’s warehouse. depending on the client’s needs, the bulk products are either forwarded to other distribution centres of processed in our own warehouse. Processing consists of repackaging items into smaller amounts and/or in consumer packaging. In principle, it doesn’t matter what type of final packaging or what size or amount it is. There are things which our customer servicedepartment agrees with the client beforehand. We then set up our production lines to facilitate the repackaging of the goods. Distrifresh supplies the right amounts of your products, with the right labelling at the agreed location or locations at the right time, entirely as agreed and in accordance with the planning.

Our VAL for producers of chilled products and retailers

If your company makes products which need continuous refrigeration, Distrifresh specialises in their value added logistics and transport. If you are interested in our services and if you would like to know how we have organised our production processes, we recommend that you make an appointment with our customer service department. If you would like to know more about our additional services like the repackaging of refrigerated items (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and their labelling (frontback or otherwise), you can also get in touch with this department. They will be happy to inform you about what we can offer.

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