All sizes of transit packaging

All sizes of transit packaging

In the course of transporting chilled and frozen products, Distrifresh comes across all sorts and sizes of crates, containers, etc. This is because the products are transported in them, of course. Crates, containers, pallets, etc in or on which the products are transported are known as transit packaging. This transit packaging is made as sustainably as possible, so that the crates, etc don’t get broken too quickly. The purchase of transit packaging is a significant investment. We also understand that the transit packaging in which clients transport their products must be returned to their rightful owners. Distrifresh takes this into account when transporting chilled and frozen products so that its clients can reuse their transit packaging without any hiccups.

We talk to our clients weekly about the transit packaging balance so that there aren’t any misunderstandings. We then ensure that all transit packaging that comes in is correctly registered in our transit packaging systems so that we know precisely which transit packaging has come from where. This transit packaging flow is recorded per delivery address. It is also useful to know that we work with all types of transit packaging.

Cleaning on location

If you, as a client, need to, we can carry out our cleaning service for your transit packaging at our own distribution centres. This means that the transit packaging is hygienically clean so that they can immediately be used again on arrival at your location. Distrifresh possesses the necessary quality certifications and satisfies the relevant hygiene standards [HACCP]. External auditors regularly subject our service provision to thorough checks, including the cleaning process, and because we at Distrifresh believe in clear communication, with both our clients and the consumer, we publish the audit reports for everyone to see on the internet.

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