Labelling and repackaging as important additional logistical service

Labelling is a part of Distrifresh’s additional logistical services. The logistical service provider has set up professional, modern labelling lines in its own warehouse. The production lines mean that Distrifresh can provide repackaging and labelling as well as the distribution of chilled products. Bulk items are repackaged in consumer packets, for instance. Consumer packaging is provided with a label on the front, the front label, or on the back, the back label. The moment there are special offers, the production line can be adjusted immediately. The products which are on offer are provided with the right price, the right details and also a special offer sticker if required to attract the consumer’s interest. Labelling is part of Distrifresh’s value added logistics. Distrifresh isn’t limited to just the distribution of refrigerated products, Distrifresh endeavours to think with the client every day. Thanks to its additional services, Distrifresh can professionally relieve its clients of some of their responsibilities.

Food safety and correct label information go hand in hand

Providing services like repackaging and labelling demand daily quality control. Because we have to comply with strict food safety standards as a logistical service provider, we are used to periodic quality checks. Quality control is a part of our business processes as a matter of course. With labelling, it’s important that our equipment is calibrated on time so that the product information (weight, number, price and use-by date) are always correct. We also check the details on the labels against the agreement which we have for that batch with the client. Food safety is very important to Distrifresh. Open and clear communication about it is crucial. If you have questions about Distrifresh’s way of working of if you would like to know more about what Distrifresh could do for your business in the area of logistics, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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