Cross docking

We specialise in cross docking at Distrifresh

In the area of chilled transport, it is almost always hugely important that chilled products are delivered to their final destination, such as a shop, as quickly as possible Cross docking is precisely the method of carrying out this process safely and correctly. Cross docking means that products are immediately unloaded on arrival at Distrifresh so that they can all or partly be loaded in the right lorry straight away. This refrigerated lorry is then straightaway the vehicle in which the products will reach their final destination. This way, every part of the load received is ‘reloaded’ as quickly as possible in the right amount and taken to the right destination at the right time. This can be within 24, or one, hour. The timing depends on what has been agreed with our clients. Thanks to cross docking, Distrifresh saves its clients money. The goods don’t need to be stored during the process, avoiding unnecessary costs. The chilled products are also made available faster for further production or retail, and that again contributes to the food safety of your product.

Intelligent processes like cross docking mean competitive rates

Maintaining stock costs money. From an economic point of view, it isn’t sensible, definitely in the case of a distribution company. Distrifresh bases its operations on continual cost control. The application of intelligent processes like cross docking and short lines of communication has a leading role in this. With a tight control of costs, Distrifresh is able to offer its clients competitive rates.

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